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Entered By: Mike Jones
Entry Date: 2010-11-08 13:26:01
Subject: re: Bible on Slavery

Good thoughts. Some things I would like to add: 1. I don't think God is really concerned whether I am a slave or free man, he is concerned with my soul. Life on earth is temporary and we easily forget that. God is much more concerned with what is eternal. So if you find yourself as a slave, the Bible is clear on how you are to act. Likewise I if you are a slave owner it is clear how you are to treat your slaves. 2. I would argue that the Bible does not "Condone" slavery just because it gives instruction how slaves are to be treated. That is like saying the Bible condones sin because it talks about how to deal with it. I think God recognized what is going to happen because he allows free will. So He gives instructions on we are supposed to act under each circumstance. 3. There is also several references where the Bible refers to all of us as being slaves. Because of our sinful nature, we are all slaves, and thus have to deal with things that God never condoned in the beginning. After the fall of man, God has been working on our behalf to reconcile us to himself. I like your point about restitution. Our justice system has forgotten this important point. Without restitution the victim and/or society ends up paying the penalty, not the convicted. The important thing to note is SOMEONE ultimately pays.

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