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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-01-29 12:26:14
Subject: The Economic Case for Life

Last month, Timothy and I were fortunate enough to visit my mother in the hospital. She is doing better all the time and is an outpatient now. She is staying with my sister Susan for awhile. Tim and I also got to spend a little time in the Land of Plenty, visiting our favorite fast food dives and shopping in stores larger than the average home.

The week of our return, I drove Hannah to ballet practice. The light turned green at the stop light and I was reminded that I live in Honduras with a car horn behind me. You see, if you do not gun it like you are a drag racer at the turn of the light, you are reminded to get moving with a quick horn blast. I told Hannah that "back in civilization", referring to the USA, that they don't generally honk horns if you wait a half second before accelerating at a light change. She replied with, "I don't know about calling it civilization".

I was a little surprised by her response. We've been here five years and we often reminisce about the modern conveniences we had in the USA. Then I thought maybe she misunderstood and thought I was talking about Honduras. I asked her what she meant about not being civilizaiton. She replied with, "Well, here we have some horn honking, in the US they have abortion."

I was a little stunned but I had to recognize that a nation which allows and promotes child sacrifice is nothing short of barbaric and definitely difficult to call "civilized". Abortion has always driven my politics, which are difficult to escape in the US with the constant radio and television news programs. Though I'm not a big fan of either major party, I could never bring myself to vote Democrat, solely based on the baby killing they stand for.

So I did a little thinking, what if Roe V Wade went the other way? How would the world look today? One thing to consider is simple economics. It is said that Social Security is doomed strictly because there are more and more retirees and less working age people. I did some quick research and found that, because of legal abortion, there are 30 million less people of working age. That is, 30 million babies were murdered before 1994. All of those babies would be 18 or older today, with the exception of a small percent deceased from other causes.

So to be conservative, let's say a whopping 3% of the children died after during or after birth. That still leaves 29 million working adults. The median income of workers in 2005 was $25K annual. Those children and their employers would be paying into Social Security (employers match Social Security and Medicare paid by employees). The amount, based on the increased population and median income, would be about $113 billion dollars. Social Security is projected to run a deficit of $45 billion this year. Without abortion, we'd still have a $68 billion surplus in Social Security.

Based on the same rough figures, there would be an additional $61 billion paid in income taxes. That's not much compared to the trillion dollar deficits our beloved federal leaders spend in any given year, but it's probably more than the GOP will be able to cut from the deficit this year though they hope to cut $100B.

Aside from additional federal revenues, there is a huge potential for intellectual asset loss. Had the 30 million babies killed from abortion from 1973 to 1993 been kept alive, might one of them have found a cure for AIDS? Cancer? Possibly one of them might have found a way to decrease our reliance on petroleum with an alternative fuel discovery. Possibly one of them might have uncovered the terrorist plot before 9-1-2001 (911). There is a lot to consider in the loss of 30 million babies. Children are much more than statistics.

Like so many things, this should serve to remind us that we live in a fallen world. We who call ourselves Christians need to be and look different than the world. God is calling to be salt and light; salt that keeps the world around us from decaying and putrifying. We are called to reflect the light  of Christ so that those in the world can find the path to eternal life.

Christ is returning soon. Every minute that passes brings us closer. If you've had an abortion, you can be forgiven. Confess your sin to Christ and don't repeat it. If you haven't but are considering it, know that the baby you carry is not the enemy, it is a living person. If your daughter, wife or girlfriend is carrying a baby, it is not an inconvenience nor an economic challenge; the baby is made in the image of God.

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