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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2011-03-12 14:13:50
Subject: Saturday March 12, 2011

OK, so I won't even mention how long it has been since I journaled.  I always have many stories and much news to share, but have not been very intentional about communicating.  Sometimes if I don't share the story quickly I listen to the little lies that sometimes play in my mind that say, "Aw, they don't care to hear about that!".  I know that your lives are rich and meaningful, you have just as many stories to share with us, and I often just don't want to be someone that is always telling all that we do.  But, the truth is, God does it, not us, and I want to give Him glory. 

Yes, you have seen the precious pictures, we have 4 new precious little lives in our care.  These siblings have quite the story, would make you cry your eyeballs out, and, if you are anything like me, would make you want to inflict some pain on some parents.  Aren't we so glad that Paula  Colbath doesn't call the shots?  I know I am!    We now have Xiomara Daniela, who is somewhere in the 7-8 range, Carolina Cindy, who is 4,  Jose Mizael, who is 2, and Jose Reynaldo, who is almost 6 months.  They each are precious, loving, so eager to be accepted, and loved by our whole family.  There is no shortage of arms to hold and feed the baby.  No shortage of funny faces and baby talk to be shared.  And certainly no shortage of arms to swing little guys around like an airplane.    Each time I feed the baby, I cry, laugh, sing, and pray that God will fill all the little holes created by man in this precious one's heart.  Oh, I know why I haven't shared about these little guys, because honestly, there is a situation where a family (I am sure a wonderful family) wants to adopt the 2 youngest.   Each time I hold them, I think, Paula, your heart could really get hurt here, guard youself.  And each time I hold them I know that I can't guard, that I have to give, and that I WANT to give.  So, I am processing, and praying for the very, very best for these little ones. 

I have much more to share, but I have a visitor.

More later,



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