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Entered By: Timothy
Entry Date: 2011-03-12 18:00:46
Subject: From Timothy

Last night I went with my family to have dinner with new friends.  Today I went to the waterfall with my dad and the rest of the kids (except for the littlest ones). 

My favorite thing to play is legos.  We have 4 new children now.  Two of them are girls, and two are boys.   I like to play with the baby, I entertain him.  We just found out today that he is 7 months old.  His parents came to visit and told us his birthday. 

This past year I got 2 new Nerf guns.  In school I do Saxon Math 54.  I am almost finished with this book.  I might finish before we visit the United States. 

I have my old blankets from when I was a baby.  My mom had them in her hope chest. 

My little brother, Carlitos, is having seizures.  He takes a medicine for this. 

I made a lego ship out of legos.  I have some craft things from Christmas.  My sister Faith gave it to me.  She saved everything, things like boxes, cardboard, toilet paper rolls, yogurt containers.  Now I 2 boxes full of these things to make crafts. 

We will be going to the United States for a visit in May.  I went there after Christmas, to visit my grandmother who was sick. 

Thank you for helping us here in Honduras. 


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