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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2011-03-30 10:42:06
Subject: Wednesday March 30, 2011

Some mornings you really think, "OK, Lord, How are you going to take care of all of this?".   Today is one of those days for me, it is my day with all the kiddos, Mark gone,school, ballet, and grocery shopping.  Mark was off to Tegucigalpa with Gerardo before 6am.  I knew I better get up.   Fortunately I was able to get up with sunshine and peace in the house.  Love that.  I always want to have my bed made, face washed, dressed, and some quiet time under my belt before the baby wakes up (about 6-6:30). Usually I can cry  my heart out to God like a little kid before the kids get up.  Like clockwork Timmy scooted down the stairs by 6:15 to have his breakfast.  He likes to be first and alone.  Likes to have his choice of the cereal.  I was right after him with the baby for a bottle.  Usually this is a pretty quiet time; the girls go to run, Daniela, Cindy, and Carlitos are sleeping, and John is doing his own thing.  This morning as I turned the corner from the stairs, I noticed Carlitos was sitting up in his bed, with no movement.  He was having a seizure.  Momentarily he fell over and was ok again.  Then I heard Cindy and Daniela arguing about how to fold a blanket.  Here come Reynaldo and Arnol to be taken to school.  The baby is full of smiles, so glad. 

As I sat to feed the baby, I thought about all that had to be done, tried to arrange schedules, thought of who to take with me where, prayed over my kids again, stewed about the rumors that missionaries spread,  and wondered how in the world the house would be clean with our house helper announcing she can no longer work her hours.   I thought about dinner, the heat, Carlitos (while he was having another seizure), money,  Eli's school, laundry, all while talking baby talk to the precious one in my arms.   I thought about how all the time, all of this is swirling all around me, and how I want to keep an eternal perspective in the midst of all the swirl.   

My day, I am sure, is no more busy or swirly than yours.  And as it goes all around us, there are still mega needs outside of our little homes.  For me, I have to get still, get quiet, and listen.  I have to listen to what is priority, listen for how His grace is going to handle it, and remind myself that I am not in control.   Sometimes I delegate, sometimes someone steps in and helps, sometimes I blow it and cry.    But as the day plays out, there is not ever a time, not ever, that I can't see His hand moving in a mighty (while it may seem small at the time) way.   

Like today, one of the boys didn't come over from the other house.  I called to find out why.   They said they realized how busy I was and that one of the workers wanted to help out by keeping the other kids during school.   It isn't her time to work, I said I couldn't pay her for it,  but she just wanted to do it to help me.  I am grateful.  God is good.  None of this life is too much for Him.  Too much for me, YES!  But never for Him. 



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