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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-04-01 11:06:25
Subject: To Zuckerberg

      Over the past couple decades, computers and technology have brought about many advances; many good ones and quite a few you might call infantile. You never know what's going to become popular, but it seems the KISS principle usually translates (KISS = Keep It Simple, Stupid) to marketing success.

     Advances and innovations give rise to new terminology and acronyms. For example, who knew "Google" would be used as a verb? And for those of you over 20 years of age, remember "Do you Yahoo?".  Well, I'm here to introduce a new verb today. Consider it my contribution to nerd-words.

     Mark Zuckerberg might possibly be a household name now. He's the guy that developed Facebook. Now he's touted as some kind of genius running a circuit of seminars. He's esteemed as one of those brilliant minds that made a whole new way of networking with friends new and old. After a few years of work, he became a billionaire.

     You may have seen the movie "Social Network". It is the story of Zuckerberg and the origins of Facebook. I have not seen it. Most of my nerd friends have not seen it and I'll tell you why I think that is so: envy. Every nerd I know is brimming with ideas, both creative and useful. Some of us take the next step by building the software, web site or mobile application. All of us dream of publishing something so wildly successful that our names will become household and our bank accounts will finance the national deficit for a few hours. Any programmer that has worked with databases more than a few days would know that the core functionality of Facebook is very simple. Any nerd worth his salt could duplicate the site with a five year old laptop, free open source software and a month of moonlighting. What we cannot duplicate is the luck involved in making a web site a runaway hit.

     So here is my new vocabulary word:


1) (verb) to become insanely wealthy with a simple idea and a ton of dumb luck.

2) noun - someone who has zuckerberged

     Example sentences:

James is a brilliant dreamer with impecilbe engineering skills, but he's never been able to zuckerberg nor capitalize on any of his products.

There's plenty of excellent software out there, but little of it ever zuckerbergs its respective author.

Sergey Brin and Larry Page zuckerberged back in the 90's with a few computers in the basement, a simple idea and a domain named Google.

Did you hear about Fred? Just bought a yacht and a home in Tahiti. His toilet paper printing machine has made him a zuckerberg.

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