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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2011-08-03 11:36:03
Subject: Wednesday August 03, 2011

On a daily basis we have people walking up our driveway asking for work, food, or money to go to the doctor. We are able to offer a little food, a little money, or better - a days work for pay. We prefer for the person to be able to work to earn the money to take care of themselves or their family. We don't have the money to hire more full time workers, but always try to find small jobs that a person can do in a day or two. Recently a family of young boys came up the drive looking for work and food. Mark was able to give them the job of cleaning out our trash pila (hole in the ground). They loaded it all up into sacks (feed sacks) and it was hauled off to the dump. The boys seemed, to be honest, a little off. They had that distant look in their eyes, a little slow to understand and respond, and the overall look of hunger. They looked familiar. We asked the kids if they knew them or had seen them around. John had seen them at the field and confirmed that mentally there were some issues.
It took them a few days to do the job. They would ask for food for lunch and for medicine for their sick mother. A few days later, a lady that is a regular visitor for food, came up the drive. We have never known her real name, we have always called her "Hole in the head lady". We called her this not out of meanness, but because that was all I could ever understand of what she said, that she had a hole in her head. She would always offer to show it, and I would always decline. This time I took the time to look, they are real. I would give a little food and offer her work. She would always say she couldn't work and go on her way. On her way down the driveway we saw that she had the young boys that had gathered the trash with her. Lightbulb moment, those are her boys. Another lightbulb moment, she is the lady that our friends with a feeding program helped. Ok, so now I am curious about what is really going on in this family. I stop her and ask where she lives and then remember helping her before and going to her house. So now I have a mission, find out what is up. On Saturday we load up, go get parasite meds for the kids in her home, buy some 5 gallon water bottles, and set out to visit this family. You have to walk just a little bit to get there. The house is adobe, roof with holes all over, no windows, dirt floor, nothing inside. She has told me how she doesn't have the money to pay the rent. I am thinking slum lord. She has told me she has 10 children. I didn't see them all, but she also explained that the older boys live in a house by themselves just down from her. I get her to explain to me about he holes in her head and I take the time to look at them again. When she was a teenager she was in a bus accident. Her mother was killed and she was injured, hence the two holes by her ear. She also explained that her brain hasn't been the same since the accident and she passes out when in the sun. She said many more things, some I got, some I didn't. She told me how the money that her boys had earned had paid for her little son to go to the hospital for a stomach problem. They are so very poor, and she truly has no means to work. One of the boys that worked for us came into the room with his older sister. He looked ashamed. I joked with him and asked him about school, what he does with his money, what he does with his days, etc. He has never been to school, is 13, and wanders around looking for work. He got me. In my heart I began praying for a way to help him and to help this family. When I got home I talked to Mark about it. He already had a plan going. He has a place where he wants to plant beans, he would hire the young boy and pay him with a little cash, and more importantly, food. We have a worker that could work with the boy on learning to read and sharing Jesus. He started this week. I am overjoyed. I am overwhelmed. What an honor to serve this young man and his family. What a good God we have. He is so merciful and kind, so full of grace and compassion. What a dream come true. You see this is our dream, to see people lifted up out of the ashes and set on the throne. This 13 year old little Gerardo is a king. I pray that more will want to take advantage of this opportunity. I pray we always have work to do this. I pray that we always have the finances to buy the sacks of beans, rice, corn, spaghetti, and tomato paste. I pray we always have a garden with an abundance.
This is how you serve here in Honduras. When you give, when you share, when you pray, this is what you are sowing into.
Thank you. Thank you again and again.

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