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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2011-10-08 11:52:58
Subject: Sojourner

Had a good visit with our friend Porter Briggs yesterday. He just returned from a trip to the US so we took some time to catch up on current events.

At one point we spoke about where we geographically felt most at home. For the past few years I would have told you Honduras, though we always do feel welcomed by family and friends "back home" in the US. Lately though, I get the feeling that this world is no place for humans and that I don't really feel at home anywhere.

Porter reminded me about his email address which includes the word "sojourner". From Merriam Webster:

sojourner: to stay as a temporary resident

I imagine that when any of us think about it for any length of time, none of us feels "at home" or comfortable with where we are (and I'm not just talking about geography here). God created us and gave us a perfect place to live. We decided to hand reigns over to the enemy. So now we live in a fallen world. One might compare this to living in a wealthy neighborhood and moving to the ghetto, though it's much more than that. In both of those places, man is still fallen.

So here we are in an imperfect world, which seems to be accelerating towards destruction. But take heart, for those of us with living faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, we will see the Earth restored and finally be "at home".

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