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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2012-01-21 10:29:24
Subject: The Newbies

We've had the four newest children in our home for several months. Formerly Misael, the second youngest, was in the other home. Now they are all in the Colbath Institute of Culture (and believe me all the culture comes from Mrs. Colbath). Here at the institute we have some lofty goals for every child, such as wearing shoes outside, not inside. The children are also expected to brush their teeth, say please when asking for something, shower daily, use forks and napkins. This doesn't sound like much but it typically takes a full year to engrain this basic training.

One of the cutest things is when we tell Misael to use a fork after he has beans spread from chin to ear. He picks up his fork and says "this one?". Daniela, Cindi and Misael have all learned a lot of English. Cindi often plays by herself in the same room where I work. Odd thing is, even in her make believe dollhouse play she says everything in English. I assume it's to get my attention, which she requests frequently.

Carlitos is still having daily seizures though he's been on his medication without missing a dose in a few months. There are times when the pharmacies just don't have it in stock. 'You would think' they would increase stock in stuff that flies off the shelves before they can restock, 'you would think'.

Gerardo is going next week to get an external port to give his arm some relief. His arm is swollen and to move the port to the other arm means his days are limited. So the doctor spoke with Paula yesterday and suggested this temp port to try and prolong the life of the current arm.

Hannah is still anxiously waiting for application to be accepted by the University of Texas (Austin), my alma momma, and one of the few that offers the major she is seeking (Asian Studies). Although her SAT scores are on the high end of entering freshmen, UT had a record number of applications for this Fall and had to postpone their January deadline to February.

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