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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2012-08-31 10:36:21
Subject: Workers are Few

This morning the Mennonites brought a child by, looking for a place for him to live. The boy looked about 13 years old, which is too old for their orphanage. They asked if we had space, and of course we have plenty of that. What we do not have is sufficient supervision. We have eight severely abused and neglected children, along with the baggage that brings.

So this is the fourth child we've had to turn away this week. We have the space, but we do not have enough help. We've learned from experience that you cannot hire a parent. You can hire a babysitter, but no salary is sufficient to make an adult love children not their own, not in a lasting relationship. We have plenty of visitors who can play with the children for a day, but finding someone who would give their lives away is a rare feat.
We have room, we have funds, but not enough help to care for more children.
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re: Workers are Few  by Billy Chrzan on Thursday September 13, 2012

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