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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2012-09-17 16:39:28
Subject: Consumerism and Lack Thereof

There's definitely a different mindset down in the 3rd. I've heard some call it laziness. Some call it animism, not believing things can change, so why try? Some call it refreshing while others call it backwards.

I have to say, while many times it's frustrating, the lack of materialism here is in some ways, liberating.

Case in point, trying to procure some kind of service or product here. While in America, anyone with enough cash or credit can just about buy anything immediately, not so much here. Here, a business owner is likely to be content with what he or she already has. The owner is able to ask himself if it's worth the hassle of taking on a new client or project. You will likely have to ask a company several times to sell you something before it happens.

As an American, this is completely foreign to me. When I lived in America, I rarely passed over any work. Why? Well, little things like, mortgages, insurance payments, groceries, taxes, vacations, restaurants, you name it, were constantly on my mind. How was I going to pay the next bill? What if my job were terminated? I would need a nest egg to weather unemployment, which was always a possibility. Then there were the constant barrage of advertisements: billboards, television, radio, newspapers and just about everywhere I looked, there was some exciting new product you couldn't live without.

It is so different here. Honestly, there's not even a tempting restaurant close enough to be convenient. It's quicker and less effort to cook something from scratch here than dining out for "fast food". There are some imported items such as smart phones, televisions and such, but they are not heavily promoted and what's available is much more expensive and lower quality than what you would find in American storefronts.

All in all, it's a good place to help others because there's really not a lot of consumeristic competition for your Dollars. :)

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