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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2012-11-05 12:01:51
Subject: Last update sent out/November 1st.

Blessings to you!
I pray that this letter finds you well and at peace. So many times when I am typing my updates I wonder how you are, what you are up to, what is moving and grooving in your home. Always feel free to send me an email updating us on your life also. We never ever think that what is happening in your life is not important, rather just the opposite. Thankfully we are each called to be His child and that makes life abundantly full and rich.
Right now we are praying and believing for our son John to be physically restored. Some of you have kept up with us and know that John has lived in pain for over 7 years, joint pain. He had many, many tests done in the US prior to our coming to Honduras, all coming up with nothing. It was and has been a matter of prayer for these close to 8 years. Once here we started with doctors here, again not finding out much. Within the past 3 weeks an orthopedic dr. felt that John had rheumatic fever. Some tests came back positive for that, some not. He went ahead and started treatment, also receiving treatment for carpal tunnel (injections and physical therapy). In the midst of that John's pain has grown worse, he has developed a very low heart rate and blood pressure, dizziness, passing out, problems getting a good breath, and debilitating headaches. So, today he is in San Pedro Sula, on a heart monitor for the next 24 hours. Further tests will be discussed after they see what is happening with the heart. Yesterday he saw a dear cardiologist and the heart looks great. We are so thankful. The doctor told him to put on weight! He eats, but he is very, very active. We appreciate your prayers. We are very concerned as are the doctors here. We are taking it one moment at a time and believing that our Father is in control of all things and has the wisdom that we need. I want to take time to give a huge thank you Father. Yesterday we were at a few doctor's offices for the day- not a one of them charged us a lempira. Not one. They were beyond caring, kind, concerned, doing everything that they knew to help John get stable and comfortable, and trying to locate the problem. He is calm today. We will update as we know more. Thank you for praying with us.
So what is else is going on here? Lots of plantain eating is what! Many trees are producing right now, so we will begin selling. Also about 1000 coffee plants are being planted. Awesome story. Walter, you know him, our guy who graduated from the Air Force Academy here, received a scholarship for mechanical engineering, serves Honduras in Tegucigalpa. Well, he has been wanting to do something to help his country and the children here. He decided he wanted to plant coffee, give jobs, and hopefully sell some in the future. He worked with a local farmer, bought the coffee, and hired the men to plant. They are still planting. The coffee is planted in the rows between the plantain trees, where they can enjoy the shade. We are so proud of this kid. So proud.
As I type, Carlitos sits here next to me, smiling away. We praise our God that we can say another month with no seizures. His smile and mischieviousness have returned.
Mark and I just spent a few days with the dear Valley Church in Colorado. What a refreshing blessing. We were so spoiled, so spoiled. It was wonderful to be with people that are so invested in what God is doing here. We so enjoyed getting to be with them, hear their hearts, and learn more about their lives. And we were blown away by the dear missionaries that came and stayed with our family here!
I am going to let you off easy and keep this one short.
We appreciate your prayers for our son John. He just turned 17 yesterday.
Everyone here sends our love and thanks,

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