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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-01-11 23:26:50
Subject: John Update

I know so many of you are praying. We so appreciate it. This has been and is a journey. We are praying for total healing for John. As we pray for that we are walking into every door that the Father opens to us, and knocking on those we see.
This Thursday we were able to see a specialist that our medical dr. here thinks very highly of. I think very highly of our medical dr. here. When she doesn't have the answers she searches. October, an orthodpedic dr. here, that I still believe the Father put us in contact with, diagnosed John with Rhuematic Fever. He also did shots for carpal tunnel in the same visit, this knocked John out and we saw his heartrate drop to the 30's. We had gone to this dr. because of John's chronic joint pain and severe lack of energy (5 naps a day). The dr. ordered tests, started treamtment for Rheumatic Fever, and said we would never do steroid injections again! I believe he is a good dr. I do believe that God put us in his path to illuminate the problem and start us chasing after answers again. After the next visit to this dr. we were in the grocery and John stumbled and passed out again. He was also doing very poorly after the shots for Rheumatic Fever. Overall, just doing worse. So we went straight to our medical dr. here. She looked at everything, didn't agree with the diagnosis, ordered more tests. We had told our world Rheumatic Fever, were reading feverishly to understand it, and she said no-not that. She sent us to a cardiologist, we had a 24 hour heart test done, etc, etc, etc. So, those tests showed elevated white blood cell count and strep virus present in the body, also showed that the heart looked good, but had drops in the heartrate. Heart dr. said John needed to eat more, gain weight. Our dr. prescribed meds. He didn't get better. She was super concerned, so she referred us to a specialist in Tegucigalpa. First we were told there would be a long wait, but fortunately we got a call last week that we had an appointment for Thursday. Thankful.
So, we had that appointment.
The dr., who seemed very knowledgable and kind, feels that John has what is called: Dysautonomia, Neurocardiogenic Syncope. He also believes there is a thyroid problem, so blood work was done for that. To determine if John does indeed have Dysautonomia, Neurocardiogenic Syncope, he will have a "Tilt Table Test" this next Thursday in Teguc. with the same dr. So nothing is a definite, but we are moving forward with the test and will follow his recommendation. We appreciate your prayers regarding the test and finances.
I could write for hours of how we see God present and at work. Some have expressed their anger at the first dr. being wrong. We are not angered. We are thankful. We, and John, had basically given up on solving the problem, he was living in chronic pain and becoming more and more depressed about it. He has had testing for years, since before we lived in Honduras, with nothing showing up to treat. I met this first dr. after taking John to translate for a medical team, a team from the US. This dr. works with them, I heard he was an orthopedic dr., so we decided to try again. The injections that John was given were for carpal tunnel. The moment that John passed out in his office was terrifying, for the dr. also. God used that dr. to move us forward once again, on to our dr., on to the cardiologist, and on to this dr. in Teguc.
Our regular dr. here.......she has been looking down every avenue to help John. Her daughter suffers with some of the same problems. She knew this dr. in Teguc. because he also teaches at the medical school where her children attend. He is the only dr. in Honduras that deals with this particular issue, and the only dr. here who has the tilt table (we are told, we certainly have been wrong before). So again, our Father is in control and ordering our steps.
We appreciate your concern and prayers. I will update you when we know more. We are reading to learn and understand these new words. Thank you for joining with us in prayer.

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