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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-01-25 14:02:19
Subject: More sweet words

Why not keep record of the things these kiddos say? 

"Thank you for my church mom!"  Misael, daily.  Love how he seems to get that church isn't just the going. Love what this says about community, friends, the body, reality.  Love this kid.  Gentle, silly, full of faces boy. 

"We get cookies at church.  Cindy gives them to us."  Misael.    He says this because Cindy goes into the Sunday time, grabs a handful of whatever goodie is being served, Mark sees her, gives her the eye, she then distributes the loot to the gang. 

"Look, look, look, look.............ME!"  Little Rey

While moving hands to do Itsy Bitsy Spider, "This, it's hard."  While touching toes for This Little Piggy, "This, it's easy."    Little Rey.

"Some!"  Little Reynaldo upon seeing the "hidden" Dunkin Donut box.

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