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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-01-27 14:01:48
Subject: Sweet words spoken/well not sweet but by Mark

So maybe Mark should get his own little column for his "words spoken".   But I ask myself, would we loose supporters, would more people pray for us?  

These were just too good to pass up.   They also involved some great photo shoot opportunities. 

"Maybe when all our kids grow up and move out  I will start collecting some tools."  Mark after locating the new wrench that was supposed to be in the armoire but was instead in the junk drawer. 

"These toilets weren't made for American poopie"    Mark, after not being able to find the plunger that I moved to the bathroom downstairs.  Truth said, we should have a plunger in each bathroom.  I am acquiring them as funds allow.  And as I remember. 

So we are having fun with photo and computer class.  Thanks to my Faithy for taking the pictures, making them the right size, and putting them in a folder that I can get to (er.....with her help). 



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