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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-02-02 14:45:15
Subject: CINDY!!!! Today she turns 6

Today we celebrate Cindy's birthday.  She turns 6.  Cindy is in what is called "Preparatoria" here.  She will graduate in June, and then start 1st grade in the fall. 

When little Cindy Carolina came to live with us she was 4.  She started in Kinder that fall. 

Cindy came a very afraid, quiet, angry, beautiful,  little girl.  She wouldn't speak to us, and we called her Carolina.  That was the name on her legal documents.  It took a few days for her older sister to let us know that her family called her Cindy and that she had never been called Carolina.  We noticed right away that little Cindy was very afraid that someone was going to hit her.   She would sit in my lap but seemed so fearful.   When her parents came to visit she was excited and afraid.  Once her father went to hit her for spilling orange juice on my feet, she quickly jumped up into my arms and held me.  

She was so tiny, just a size 2.  Little bitty fingers, little bitty feet.  She loved pretty things, loved to have her hair all fixed up, and loved our Hannah.  She was also angry at us.  I am sure she felt so misplaced, wondering where she belonged, who we were, where were her little brothers, was their going to be enough food, who would she sleep with, many restless thoughts.  She stayed close to Daniela, her older sister, but also showed anger towards her.   She wanted our undivided attention. 

She would toss and turn at night, fighting the covers.  She would hear something and wake up screaming, "No, no papi!"   Months later, one morning, she caught my eye and starting crying.  I held her and rocked her.  She cried and cried, and her little words began to pour out like the tears.  Her story dropped into my ears and our Father began the healing work in our little Cindy Carolina. 

Cindy is bright, rarely still, and bossy flossy to her little brothers and anyone else who will take it.  She loves to look at books, run around outside, play school and house.  She colors with a passion.  It seems to calm her, she loves staying in the lines of the pictures.  I think it brings a little order to past kaos.  She prays for all of us, braids hair, ties her shoes.   Cindy loves beauty and spots it in others. Cindy has a great imagination.   Her big brown eyes are begging to be loved and accepted.  

So I pray for Cindy's inner man.  I pray that she will know she belongs, that she is worthy, and that she is competent to do what God has given her to do. 

She is so excited that it is her birthday today.  She tells everyone she sees.  She giggles when she does it. 

Thank you Father for giving us Cindy.  Thank you Father for placing her in a family.  Thank you for the plan you have for her life. 

Happy Birthday Cindy!  We love you!


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