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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-02-04 15:17:09
Subject: Gerardo Pavas Centro de Comunidad

Yeah!  Faith took some pictures for me on the progress of the community center! 

It is in the front yard, close to the entrance and driveway.  Real close.   The building will be roughly 60x40ft. , an open concept, with storage on one end and an open kitchen on the other.  There will be 2 bathrooms inside. 

Right now our Villa Alicia building crew is working on the footers and support columns.  We are doing the Honduran build in that the walls are built first, then the floor. 

All the guys working on the build are from our neighborhood, most are brother's of Enrique, our farmer. 

The vision of the Community Center is a vision that Mark had as a child.  It is also something that I have seen in dreams.  Basically it is a multi-purpose place.  To begin with it will house tutoring for neighborhood children (which will currently be done in the other house - starting next week).  The plan is to have a reading room area where we can do story times with crafts on a regular basis.  As funds provide we want to add game tables (ping-pong, air hockey, foosball, etc) to have set times for a recreational center spot for neighborhood youth.  Times would be earned through grades, work, projects, etc.  It will be a place where our neighborhood can hold their meetings, a place the schools or churches can use when they need a large space, a place to teach classes to adults and children, a place to have family movie nights, and on and on and on.  There is so much!  There are so many ways for others to be involved.

Yes, that is Rolman!  He is home.  He is working on the building, and taking team translating jobs in Pena Blanca when he can.  Thrilled.  Keeping my overbearing Mother Bear self out of it, letting Father Bear handle it.  God is good.  Love that boy.

I hope I don't confuse you on what will be done in this building!  I just see so many things, so many things that already happen in our home in a way.   One of the things that I am THRILLED about is that local Honduran people will be helping.  YEAH!  Already we have a few youth neighbors that will be helping with tutoring, dear young people that are in high school and view education as important.  Solid family.   Already Don Demus, a local farmer who knows tons, is excited about teaching a class about having your own family garden.  He knows the stuff here, what kinds of bugs, what kind of soil, what grows, what doesn't, what to use for this disease and what not to use for that one.  He is a kind, gentle man that helps us in so many ways.  Isn't that all too cool!  Go God.

This dog comes every day to work also.  Much to Fudgey's dismay.  This dog has way more energy than Fudgey. 

As you can see by the name of this post, we are naming the center after Gerardo.  I have learned most of what I have learned about Honduras from Gerardo.  He helped me to be brave in Honduras.  He helped me to see another part of Honduras.  Man I miss him.  Just seems right to name it after him.  Gerardo....gentle, kind, compassionate, prankster, break dancer, industrious, giving, smart, child of the King, son.


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