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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-04-21 18:25:54
Subject: Weekly Update

We are back online! Our Internet has been down for a few weeks due to some mail forwarding, banking and other technical items that are beyond the realm of rational understanding. Sadly, we lost a lot of information, photos and videos when our computer and video camera was stolen a couple weeks ago while we were at church. Unfortunately neither the thief nor us are able to use those items any longer. You see, the thief took the items but removed the chargers and left them in the house. We know who took the stuff, but the police are not interested in what we know, only the witnesses that will come forward. Problem is, the most compelling witness is afraid to testify because the family of the thief has quite a reputation around here and as the witness says "tengo miedo" (I have fear). That's very good news for the thief, very bad news for the home, the boys and the neighborhood. Now we will need to spend untold money on security and always make sure that one of us is here to watch the place. We plan on splitting up on Sunday. In the morning, Paula will take the little boys. In the evening, I will take the older boys. Many in the neighborhood know the thief and his reputation. Many in the neighborhood would like to see the young man removed from the streets. What's past is past! God is Good! A very generous friend donated another, faster computer and we hope to get more photos up lickety split. We are expecting a container in early May. Some very special women at Daughters of Zion Ministries have collected, donated and will ship a lot of necessities for a boys home and farm. We are extremely grateful to them. We cannot wait to return and visit all of the people that have come so far. At this pace we'll be on the road the whole time! The Lord has been a great provider through our web sites since we journeyed to Honduras. They performed well beyond our expectations the first two months but have tapered back to normal this month. Now that Internet is working well, I am hoping to get some part time work via telecommute.
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