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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-02-20 16:29:08
Subject: Guest writer! Amanda Bruin

So blessed to have Teacher Amanda with us.  So blessed.   She is someone who joined in with us....understanding the heart, already having a foundation of language, culture, and love for the children of Honduras.  She is a skilled teacher who adds immensely to the education of our Honduran children that school here at home.  Thankful beyond.  God heard our cry and answered in a huge way.  So here she is, writing and sharing with you........

I never thought I’d get to be a guest blogger so this is kind of exciting! My name is Amanda and I (with the much needed help of Ryan) have the privilege of homeschooling Eli, Daniela, and Tony. I have lived in Siguatepeque for three years now and have been at Hope Farm since late October. 
                It is AMAZING to look back and see the ways that God was moving and opening doors before October and to see what he is unfolding before me now.
                I am a teacher. It is deep in my bones. And though I am young I am sure it is one of the things God created me to do. With that said, homeschooling has been a challenge. I’ve struggled. I’ve been pushed. I’ve cried. And I’ve learned. But, I am seeing the beauty in it. For me, it is more difficult than a classroom of 30 students. But, the investment is deep. It is important. It is of value. 
Ryan and I teach in Spanglish—and Daniela and Eli understand it. We laugh at our mistakes and they teach us new things (they are great teachers really!). They are learning to read in Spanish and through that we are learning with them! We do Spanish (reading and writing), Math, and have recently started with Science. I’m sure that snack break is their favorite time of day. Special days call for crafts. Ice cream Fridays are a tradition. And random gym class is relaxed, yet competitive. 
Daniela’s reading is really improving. I love listening to her read a part of a Bible story from the curriculum we use. I love watching her face as she is excited after finishing a few pages or quickly reading a new word. Daniela is working hard on math though it isn’t as natural to her. She is bright and capable. Thinking about the conditions she was living in just three years ago and seeing where she is right now—wow! How awesome is it that God chose for her a new, loving, safe family.
Eli is doing well with reading also. He works with Ryan on reading, but I enjoy overhearing Ryan praise him for reading like an expert or watching him show his skills to another missionary friend. He has to work hard and some days are tough, but he can do it. Math is a little more of a struggle so we constantly have to go back to basics. Eli is a champ though! He pushes through. He overcomes challenges. He keeps working.
And this is Tony. Tony started with us a few weeks ago. His mother, Nolvia, is one of the Honduran house workers. Tony recently turned 11 and use to attend the school down the road from the Colbath’s. However, after failing a few grades and still not being able to read, Tony’s father had decided that school wasn’t important and wanted Tony, a small boy to start working. His mother wanted more for him. She has seen Eli’s progress from schooling with Paula and now with us and wondered if her son could do the same. Enthusiastically we said yes! It wasn’t until after the first day of classes with him we realized it was going to be a little more difficult than imagined. We went from teacher/student ratio of 2:2 to 2:3. You may laugh and think this wouldn’t be much of a problem—but for the first few days we struggled. Tony only speaks Spanish and comes from a difficult home life, but we have found a rhythm and with the help of Paula things are in a good routine. We are doing basic phonics (letter, sound, and sight words), math, and science with him. Math is really enjoyable. He is very bright and learns new concepts quickly. He mimics our English with a funny accent and is learning how to homeschool with a good attitude. Anecdotes from his mother about how he goes home and practices his reading fills my soul with joy.
Thank you for taking time to pray for and support Hope Farm. It is an encouraging and fruitful ministry. I am very blessed to be a small part of it.
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