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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-02-21 11:50:38
Subject: Whew! We are back.

The kids and I just got back from our 3 weeks in the US.  Right, you didn't see us.   We weren't really on the grid.  You see, when your eldest lives is all about time with her.  I say that with absolutely no regret, we miss our Hannah!   We were blessed to be able to spend time in Washington DC soaking in the culture and history.  So much to see, so many Metro stops to try.  Then after DC we were sick, the flu.  Once on the mend, time to come home.  And that was a wrap. 

Now we are home and life grooves along.  Back to school, Fernando back with us and finding his groove, Rolman grooving, plantains growing and frying, building progressing (I hate to say that I need a better frame of mind, I tend to look at it and see mistakes), piglets born, moras blooming (heavenly mora juice again), mangos ripe (mango sorbet forever), plans for visitors and a few groups, garden plans (every child around me sighs.... I will say that in heaven I will have the most perfect wonderful green never ending bug free garden ever), the constant thoughts of what to make for dinner, the constant thoughts of what to do to make dinner not a constant thought, Honduras National Hymno questions being written on every scrap of paper we possess by Reynaldo (sixth grade stuff), cool photos to put in frames, thinking of what I could sew in my free time, thinking of what I could decorate in my free time, praying about how to be more involved in our local school ~the better use of my free time, schedules, and then in it all; saying," Lord you are God and I am not.  Direct my paths, order my days, and let the hours and words glorify you, reflect you, point to you, show that you are the center of my life and long to be the center of it all. "

So you will hear from me more regular now, I am home.  Mark did a great job in our absence, Ryan and Amanda kept the school/learning ball rolling, and the kids are all alive and fed~even clean when we arrived to their happy faces at the airport.  Yes, Mark managed to bring almost everyone to the airport to greet us.  I saw many faces with questions about those little brown ones calling me mama. 

Blessings to you as you live and glorify our Saviour,




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