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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2013-04-04 11:59:26
Subject: Too Much Anesthetic

Tuesday I lost a tooth, at least most of one. Wednesday I decided to see what a dentist might do about it. I went to the orthodontist our kids use and he referred me to a dentist he knew. So, with the understanding that at 4 PM, I was not likely to actually have anything done that day, I went to get an exam at the dentist's office. I arrived, I waited about an hour, then was able to see the dentist. He closes at 6 PM M-W.

While his Spanish was not dumbed down enough for me, I did catch the words "emergency" and "x-ray", everything else eluded me. He got down to business, made a few injections, suction, drilling, etc... My understanding that it was either a root canal or the root canal will be on the 15th and this was just a to get me by until then. About 30 minutes into this "surgery", the power went off. I seriously laughed. I mean, this is Honduras, it happens and you know that there is always someone in surgery, somewhere, so it has to happen.

Yes, I did laugh. I don't know if the anesthetic was really good or I have just lived here too long, or both.

The dentist left the office, got the generator started and he was back to work in about 10 minutes.

Good news is, I can drink water again without wincing.

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