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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-04-25 14:57:28
Subject: Update on the kiddos!


Thought I would give you a little update and photo of the children here.

Daniela is now 10 years old!  She LOVES school with Teachers Amanda and Ryan.  She is reading, doing math, science, computer, and writing her own sentences and stories.  Daniela helps out with the little guys in the morning, helping them to get their teeth brushed and beds made.  She also does her afternoon chores willingly. She loves playing outside, making forts, pine cone wars, going to town, drawing pictures, and helping cook.  Daniela has truly developed a deep appreciation for God's grace and understands her need for forgiveness.  We are thankful for how she is growing and learning. 

Arnold loves having fun!  He loves having his brother, Fernando back at home.  Arnold is in 7th grade, soon to finish his school year.  Arnold got a bike for Christmas and rides it from house to house here on the farm.  He recently decided he would give shaving a try, but started with his eyebrows.  Arnold will be 12 next week. 

Eli is the big 13.  His voice is changing, he is changing, he is reading, doing school, and helping out on the farm with diligence. Eli also loves school with Teachers Amanda and Ryan (though often asks for feriado).  He is in charge of buying the milk and cheese for both houses (at the Mennonites down the road).  We are thankful that Eli is here with us.  Elis has a goal of being able to read the Bible in his bed at night.

Fernando is back!  He has completed his year with Teen Challenge here in Tegucigalpa and is now doing school, working on the farm, and helping out as he can.   I know that he is thankful for his time with Teen Challenge and we see him giving it his all to stay focused, accomplish his goals (going to university), and walk in the path that God has for him.  We are thankful that he is able to study through Educafe (Educatodos) at Celebracion. 

Reynaldo, our man of few words.  How we love the way God has made him.  Reynaldo is in 6th grade, soon to be graduating.  In Honduras that means it is Hymno time, time to memorize the 100 questions and answers that go with the National Anthem.  It is a challange for any young person.  He works diligently daily at the memorization, tackling something that is very hard for him.  Reynaldo loves music and art. 

Misa Pisa we call him.  Happy, smiley, silly, full of energy and love.  Our little front toothless guy loves to do school with Jeremy (our recent visitor), play outside, look at books, and run around like a wild guy.  He is a joy and so sensitive to the needs of others. 

Cindy is 6 and learning her alphabet.  Cindy loves (understatement) to color.  She loves to play in her toy kitchen, have her hair braided, and generally tell her little brothers how they should live.  Her dinner chore is cleaning the chairs and moving them from the table, she does it diligently.  Beautiful little girl.

Little Rey Rey, Bubby, Bubster, Bob, Rey.  Pretty sure he is the typical youngest child, youngest of many.  He is talking lots, running lots, getting injured lots, and staying up past everyone else lots.  Reynaldo is attached to Mark at the leg, or arm, or shoulder, or chest, or hip.  He is bright, counts the stairs, and plays, plays, plays.

Carlos Gabriel Espino Lozano!  He is smiley guy again, no seizures for almost a complete year.  He is still doing his special diet, taking no meds, and now does school at home every day.  He is working with letters, numbers, special exercises, and games.  Carlitos is the law dog around here, making sure everyone is doing what they should.  Thankful that he is a part of the family.  Maybe it will be him talking care of Mark and I when we are old. 

John Wesley.  We appreciate your prayers for him.  We are currently working to have him seen at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota.  He is working hard being our head plumber, doing Calculus, picking up the boys from the bus stop and translating when he can.  John is a junior in high school this year, hopes to do some college classes in the states later this year, and prays daily to feel better.  Love him so much. Hard to watch him in pain.

Timothy Elijah, our resident inventor, business man, and mora (blackberry) picker.  Timothy is in 6th grade, turns 12 in June, still loves Legos and creating new things.  Timothy works to earn money to visit the US and is constantly keeping organizer/tub making companies in business.  What a joy he is. 

Faith is such a blessing to us.  She sees the bottom line in most situations, is learning piano, loves to cook, and was the Mirror (from Snow White) in her last ballet recital.  Faith will be 15 in May.  Faith loves to take pictures, and gets all the photos ready for the website (sizing, etc.). 

Walter was just moved the the Air Force Base at La Ceiba.  He will continue on with his engineering studies there.  Walter visits often, traveling on his motorcycle.  He continues to bless us with being a good example, working hard, and loving on his family when he is here.

Sorry Rolman, couldn't resist, and I know you are man enough to take it!  Rolman is studying, working, driving, and giving orders.  We are thankful that he loves his family, helps with things that need to be done, and seeks God's will for his life.   Right, those are wax lips. 

Hannah is in the US, studying Mandarin, and baking for the youth.  She studies hard, makes good grades, and is coming to spend the summer with us.  We all miss her and pray for God to be her strength in this growing time.

We thank you for your prayers for our family here at Hope Farm.  Each child is a gift from God and we pray to hear His voice in how to care for them,






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