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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-04-28 13:04:22
Subject: Let the baseball begin

Recently a friend, Trent Detamore,  from our home church in the US got very busy rustling up baseball equipment for us.  He had heard that Mark wanted to start baseball in Villa Alicia, otherwise a very soccer dominant village.  As in you can play nothing else at school or in the field.  As in if you are playin Red Rover with local kids they will start chanting "Futball" loudly.  

Last week the shipment arrived.  About 1000 pounds of baseball equipment and jerseys.   Our visitor, Jeremy, and Timothy got busy inventorying and sorting. 

Honestly, we all thought the packaging was almost as cool as the baseball stuff.  Visions of playhouses and insulation (Brittany, you were right). I am also excited about using the pallets for those 5million things you can do with a pallet projects.  Thank you Don Wilson for the incredible packaging.  That looked like a lot of work.

Helmets, YES!  I was worried about that aspect of the game. Don't want to be making ER visits.

And how cool to have all those duffles!  Trent and company did a great job of organizing and bagging it all up.  Looks so official.

Baseball abundance!

The next phase of this scares me.  I am glad that Mark has the guts for this one.  As one who has played Red Rover with the school kids, I would be terrified!  But I am happy to make mucho Zuko and take mucho photos.   I am also praying that it will be fun, not so cut throat I am going to kill you competitive, and a way to build relationships and provide some incentive for our local school. 

Thanks Trent, Don, Jim, CityLife, those schools/coaches/kids who gave!



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