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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-05-15 10:17:41
Subject: School, school, school

I am so thankful for the extra help I have had with school this year.  Truth is I love school, well maybe not school, but learning.  I love to see the kids get it. 

This is Teacher Amanda working on reading with Tony.  Thrilled to say (through no help of mine) that Tony is advancing in his reading.  Tony is Nolvia's son (Nolvia helps us in the boy's home).  He was struggling in the local school, wasn't going to be continuing on with education, and so his mom asked if we could help.  I asked Teachers Amanda and Ryan and they were up for the challenge.  One of the things I love hearing from my perch in upstairs school is how Tony gets excited about  their read aloud time.   Pray with us for God's provision for the next steps with Tony.  Working on not tearing up right now........Teachers Amanda and Ryan have been amazing. 

Yes, this picture needed including because Rey Rey is in the middle of all the school.  Reynaldo loves to play, make noise, pull out every toy, sort beans on the sheet, throw beans on the sheet, make shapes with rubberbands, terrorize the cat, and eat snack during school time. 

Misael is here with us for school every day, Cindy is here during school time when her school has a break or vacation.  She loves to do her own "school" for Misael. 

And this is school in the neighborhood, well school during recess.  This is about the time that the kids, Jeremy,  and I show up to help,  We come in about 10:30, leave about 12:40something, and are absolutely exhausted and energized when we finish.  The lady smiling at you is Teacher Reina.  Teacher Reina has rheumatoid arthritis, this keeps her from being able to hold chalk.   I am her helper when we go to the school.  Praying for her, join me. 

Eli's first school task of the day is handwriting.

Carlitos' first school task of the day is excercises with Teacher Ryan.  Ryan helps get Carlitos' tough side moving, strong, and coordinated.

Preschool bean style.  Keeping it on the sheet is the goal. 

Daniela is learning multiplication and loving that she can read to me.  I am thrilled for her.  She is an eager student. 

This is one of the classrooms that we help in at the Villa Alicia school.  Here we have some math groups and cleaning up happening.  In each class there is two grades of students. 

A little relay action at PE time.  Man, could ya help me out with PE?  Hardest class for me. 

And how come my explanations never seem to be what we do?

Fernando and John working with their respective grades.  John is working on Math with 2nd. grade, and Feranando is Math with 3rd. grade. 

Gotta love the littles. 

Our subjects range from color sorting to calculus, school happens in every room of the house and outside- down the street and in the field.  I pray that learning is happening all over the place.  I pray that the kiddos around us desire to learn and grow and experience the full life that God has for them.  I pray for the kids in the classroom that have already given up, that their hearts will be renewed.  I pray for helpers, I pray for someone that knows mucho mas than me about Fetal Alcohol, special learning techniques, and dealing with autism.  I pray that learning would not be relegated just to the school hours. 

Thank you for your support. You help us learn, school, and grow. 


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