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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2013-06-03 11:58:22
Subject: Dr. Allen, the Opera Singer

In town there is a dentist who is very busy, with a good reputation despite not being the cheapest guy around. A couple months ago I lost a tooth, a sad sign of age. The loss of the tooth brought us together for a root canal and a crown, which is still in the works.

I'd heard of other missionaries using him with mixed reactions; not about his dental work which seems top notch. No, the reactions are about his dental intermission which include guitar playing and highly vocal, opera style singing. And what can you do but listen and smile? You're a captive audience. It's never a good idea to make a dentist upset while he still has work to complete in your mouth.

So an hour into his work yesterday, he asks if I like music. I said yes, though honestly I'm not real enthusiastic about it. He said we needed to wait for my provisional tooth to set/dry, so he pulled out his guitar, sat on the couch in front of me and belted out a tune that rattled the windows. To be honest, I'm a bit homophobic, so I didn't make eye contact, just closed my eyes, waited for him to finish and clapped a few times. He bowed, returned to his work and we finished 30 minutes later.

So there you have it. If you need any dental work done at a roughly 70% discount from US prices and enjoy a good opera voice, I've got the guy for you.

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re: Dr. Allen, the Opera Singer  by Paula on Tuesday June 18, 2013

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