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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-06-21 16:41:00
Subject: Graduations/Cindy and Reynaldo

Cindy graduated from Prepatoria (basically Kindergarten) and Reynaldo graduated from 6th grade.  In Honduras graduating from 6th grade is a big deal, many are not able to go any further  than 6th grade (lots of reasons, another post).  We are thankful for the opportunities that our children here have. 


Cindy was all smiles and song.  She loved performing a song with her class.  During the receiving of the diploma, the Director tells some personal facts about each child.  Cindy shared that her favorite thing in school is obeying what the teacher shows them, her favorite food to eat at school is baleadas, the person she admires is Mark, and she wants to be a doctor when she grows up.    Cindy is thrilled to know her letters, loves to color and sing.  She LOVED her teachers.  Hopefully we will be able to obtain her birth certificate (quite the process we have been involved in) so that her diploma can be signed and official. 

Big sister Daniela was able to watch Cindy graduate.

Reynaldo, whew!  He did it.  To graduate from 6th grade here you must memorize not only the National Anthem, but 100 questions and answers.  This was quite the ordeal for Rey.  Truly he studied every day for a few hours, beginning last summer.   We were all pulling for him, every teacher was pulling for him.  HE MADE IT AND WE ARE SO PROUD!  The grin on his face was priceless.

Reynaldo with his good friend, Jairo. 

Absolute most precious teacher ever, Profa Edita.  She went above and beyond beyond for Reynaldo.  She has been a trusted teacher and friend.  Much appreciation for her hard work and huge heart.  She is a wonderful example of Christ to these students. 

Two men of few words. 

Reynaldo singing the National Anthem of Honduras

Special English teacher Sheena.  Sheena has served faithfully, continuing to pray for the needs of the children in her class. 

Special teacher Amanda Moore.  Our family will miss her! 

For Reynaldo's graduation bio. he said his favorite thing to do is play video games (poor guy, he only gets to once a week), he wants to be an architect when he grows up, and  he admires me (tears).  Reynaldo is a meticulous student, beautiful handwriting, conscientious, loves math and drawing. 

Pray with us regarding birth certificates for both Cindy and Reynaldo.  Long stories, but told shortly:  we need God's favor. 

Thank you for praying for these two precious children.  We love them.  Thankful for them.  Proud of them.










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