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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-07-01 23:25:48
Subject: Monday July 01, 2013

When someone asks to come and stay a bit with us, I am always a little hesitant.  Overall we are boring to most (though not to ourselves), have our own set of quirks (actually many sets), and know that the issues that each of us possess can be difficult to work and live with (even for ourselves).  My writing, with many parenthesis and exclamations, should be a clue to how I think.  Though I am usually crying out to God for help, I am still gun shy.   The above disclaimer alone can run most away, far away, never to email me about coming again.  That all being said, Jeremy came all the way from Colorado. 

Jeremy’s immediate and extended family have served as missionaries in Germany.  Jeremy himself has served with YWAM.  Had a good feeling about him.   I could tell by his pre-coming questions that he was organized, took serving here seriously, and wanted to be prepared.  I am sure that he could tell by my pre-coming lack of answers that I could use his help.  We made his schedule;  factoring in teaching time, farm work time, young man management time, helping us cook and clean time, and some neighborhood kid time. 

He jumped in with it all.  Jeremy began to help teach Eli, Daniela, and Tony (in his best Spanish might I add).  He took a basket of mumbo jumbo and vague fine motor skill instruction and began to work with Carlitos and Misael.  More on that in a bit.  He helped to manage the boys in their work time, even hoeing up a field with Fernando for no pay (though Fernando was paid).  Jeremy did his own laundry, joined the English bible study, helped keep the kids away so I could have ladies bible study, made some great food, did Carlitos’ exercises, trekked out on his own to Comayagua,  and kept the coffee pot going.  He became the Friday English teacher at the neighborhood school (working with the English teacher who really doesn’t speak much English), taught some students here when they showed up (which was never when he asked them to come but always when they wanted to come), made sure Eli was tucked in safely at night, bought our produce at the market in town, ran errands ad naseum (or it would be to me anyway-why do you think we had him do it), and helped host a few dinners, parties, team,  and visitors.  He stayed here when we left.  Can you imagine?  Wonder if I had mentioned that one before he came?  Oh right, one of those flexible surprise things.  So you can see he got to it- and got to it all without hot water and a few other things.  We say thank you Jeremy.  We say thank you to your family.  We say thank you to Valley Church. 

Everyone that comes and shares leaves a mark, a place in all of our hearts.  Jeremy also left something that I hope he will treasure forever, we will, Carlitos does.  Jeremy taught Carlitos his letters and numbers (in Spanish).  As in Carlitos can look at any letter and tell you its name.  Doesn’t have to be in order.  This is huge.  Huge.  When I assigned this job I didn’t know if it was possible, it was one of those things that I never got to in a day and went to bed feeling horribly guilty about most nights. School for Carlitos…you have never ever seen a kid smile so big, so much.  If Jeremy ever contemplated not doing it, which I am sure he didn’t, Carlitos would not have let it come to pass.  This kid is on fire.  Happy to say that since Jeremy did the hard job, Carlitos is now learning the sound that each letter makes.  Fortunately for him it is Spanish.  

Jeremy was with us for 3 months.  We were blessed. I am thankful that God hears my cry for help and sends His heart with skin on. 


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