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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-07-22 09:54:16
Subject: Breath Prayer

Today my breath prayer is:  I breathe in You.  Another: You are my Strength.

A two breath prayer day.  Yesterday shoulda been three.  I didn't.  The days before even more.  I don't think I uttered the prayer, don't know that I breathed.  Today I will not be caught hiding or fearful.  I will utter those prayers with my exhales.  He is enough.  I am so aware that I am not. 

The past week or two have been rough.  A worker that had done very wrong was uncovered and let go.  People got hurt.  People had been hurt. A family is being decimated and they don't want to budge to stop it. The worker sought to decimate ours. We trusted, though not even completely, and we got hurt.  It all left me feeling and knowing I am a failure (He is my strength in weakness).  Before that unearthed and shifted the ground around me I was already feeling low, like words of others were shooting straight to my spirit to deflate and mame.  Could be in my head, could be real.  I don't know.  But I have been low.  I have let my guard down, I have not stood, I have cowered.  

The bottom line is.....He is God.  And I have the joy of knowing Him.  He is enough, He is mercy, He is life, He is grace, and He is mine.  I fail, I fall, I get up, I forget to breathe, and He loves me.  So today I choose to breathe in Him.  



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