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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2013-07-23 09:16:04
Subject: Your Local Weedwhacker

The rainy season starts in June, and when it starts, the weeds take over. You can take comfort in the fact that the rain stops in February, so you only have to weed your gardens and lawns for nine more months.

When the weeds begin to take over, you have a few options to curtail their expansion. If you have a small yard, you hoe it up and plant corn, beans, coffee, or all of the above at the same time. If your yard is slightly larger, you might pull out the machete, bend down and chop for 10-20 hours weekly. If your yard is more like a plantation with a farm in the back and a mess of homes and kids up front, you have to get industrial.

Two years ago we bought a gas powered weed eater. On a side note, people in the USA call these machines by different names. In Texas we like to say "weed whacker", kind of like a bushwhacker, but without a rifle. In other parts of the country, they choose "weed eater", even "weed trimmer" (way too effeminate for my tastes), but really, the machine doesn't eat weeds, it whacks'em. Thus, as usual, Texas is correct. Nevertheless, local Americans in Honduras act like they don't know what our Honduran boys are saying when they say "weed whacker", so they have to dumb it down to "weed eater". Personally, I think the name deserves to be one word: weedwhacker. Anyway, enough about the superiority of Texas, not really, but we'll let it rest, for now.

The weedwhacker we have has recently begun to malfunction on an increasing basis. This is not one of those low end Home Depot varieties, but the commercial ones you would see the immigrants using in front of a CVS Pharmacy or INS. So recently we essentially replaced the motor and we have to change the starter cord about twice per month. You see, when our weedwhacker starts in June, it works about 30 hours weekly, until February.

Why don't we have some type of riding lawn mower, you ask? Have you ever tried driving a riding lawn mower through a swamp full of pits and ravines? Another note on terminology, a riding lawn mower is what city slickers call a "tractor". Let's get this straight right now, a tractor plows your fields and harvests your crops. Now, grass would be a crop if you were feeding it to horses or cattle, but let's be honest, it's a riding lawn mower.

The weedwhacker has had a downtime of roughly 50% for the past month, so we've been praying for some way to get the weeds back under control. We received the following on the farm yesterday and rather than refusing the temporary gift as we have in the past, we closed the gate and told the donors not to come back, until February.

To be honest, these are "free range" horses, meaning that they have owners, but the owners don't have land, at least not enough to feed them. So, we intend to keep them until our weedwhacker is repaired, maybe longer, like February.

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