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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-08-09 19:56:47
Subject: Friday August 09, 2013

Crazy busy, fun, and rewarding the last few weeks around here. 

We had our home church, CityLife, come to visit, work, love, and play.  We loved it!  It was wonderful to have family with us.  We were so blessed by their visit. 

To start off the trip our mission's pastor, Jim Pack.  and friend, John Satterfield came a few days before the team to visit with the missionaries and help get things ready to go.  We love spending time them, people you can be honest and open with.  Jim loves Del Corral, so we always get to go out to eat and visit. 

On Sunday, my birthday, the team arrived.  I was thrilled to go to Comayagua with them for the first part of the trip.  Hannah and John also got to join in.  I loved serving with our CityLife family.  It was a refreshing time of seeing God move.  We were able to love on the kids and teachers at RUACH, share at a fellow missionary's church in Comayagua, and spend some wonderful fellowship time together.  For me, just being at the hotel, hanging out with them, and eating together was such a blessing.  To hear their hearts for the people of Honduras and us was a tremendous encouragement.  They came with humble hearts ready to serve as God would use them.  I was blessed.  Thank you CityLife. 

This is John translating for the team when they shared at Stephanie Price's church in Comayagua, Ministerio Renuevo.  We were so blessed to be able to share testimony there and then pray for people.  It was wonderful to be able to translate for the team.  What a blessing to see John translate, and to see Hannah and John be able to communicate and minister to people.  The young church had a lot of life and they want to come and do a service project with us here at Hope Farm.  True blessings. 

The team had a great number of youth and youth leaders.  They were fun to be with and included in their fun.  They made us feel like we are still a part of CityLife.  I loved that Hannah and John got to be with them.  Some of these young people I have known since they were babies.  Pretty special.

When we served at RUACH, some of the young people led a field day for the younger children of the school.  Great fun.  I think these guys got chased a lot.  They were great sports and had a ton of energy to share.

This is the team when they went with Missionary Helen to love on the kids on Doris's mountain.  Doris is a dear Honduran lady that ministers to the children where she lives.  She tells bible stories and loves on them.  Helen shared this treasure with the team.  It is a hike, way up in Comayagua.  I know they were blessed to see this slice of life.  I was honored to be back at the school, RUACH, loving on some precious youth.  One of the highlights of my time with the team was being able to pray for the youth at the school.  I am broken hearted at the circumstances that brought them for prayer, but honored to serve the King who heals broken places.  

They continued on in Comayagua while I hopped the bus to get back to Hope Farm to get ready for their arrival.  I was blessed by Mark and Faith, who stayed home to keep things normal so that I could go.  

On Wednesday evening the team arrived to share and love on missionaries here in Siguat.  But no one came!  Yes, you know me, I took on some rejection-but I didn't stay there.  Everyone has a life.  The team hung out with us, we had worship and prayer and rested.  We were blessed.  Jim Pack left a great book for us to share with other missionaries here, and we will get to have some time to discuss and reflect at another time.  God was in control, that night, as in all the time they were here. 

And we enjoyed banana splits!

On Thursday the team dug into the work at hand.  The Community Center!  John Satterfield, Eric Liggett, Matthew Buccholz, and Mike Pruett got down to the things that had to be finished for the youth retreat the next day;getting the water on, installing sinks, working on electricity/lighting, and buying supplies.  The rest of the team got going with priming and painting the building. 

Thank you Matthew for bearing with some creative plumbing.  I just know we had planned that sink to be in the right place.  We appreciated the way the team just did what needed to be done. 

John Satterfield always blesses us with his construction know how.  Thankful to have Michael Pruett on the job also.  We were overwhelmed by their help.

This is one of those special young people that I have known since birth, Jessica Pruett.  What a blessing to see her in action.  It has been years since she and Faith were in ballet together.  You blessed me Jessica! 

The team in action, getting it done!  Mega man hours.

We loved having Lindsay back with us!  This young lady is such a treasure.  She loves on everyone, does whatever needs to be done, and is always smiling.  She and Naomi stayed at our house and helped with everything. 

Matt Tyler painting.  He is a gifted and talented musician and artist.  We appreciated the way he shared openly and honestly with those he ministered to.

 Team work!

Friday brought more work, butchering a pig for the evening dinner, volunteering in our local school, and setting up for the youth from Celebracion to arrive.  Everyone had a great attitude and worked hard even when they were super tired.

I have shuddered at all the butchering pictures that have been shared on Facebook.  But it is a part of our daily life here.  John butchers often and the boys all help grind and prepare the meat.

I loved the way the team always took time to play with the kids and make them feel special.  Thank you Jacob! 

And Matthew

Sorry Jim, had to do it!

Friday evening brought out the youth.  We were thrilled to have youth from our neighborhood, our congregation Celebracion, and the team.  The team shared dinner, fun,bonfire, testimonies, and prayer.  They were honest and real and we just loved them! 

Eric keeping the flame going.

A little name game action.

Three languages......English, Spanish, and Sign! 

That night the young men slept in the building, and the young ladies slept at our house.  I will have to find some pictures to use as blackmail in the future.  It was a blast.

Glow lights were a hit!

Saturday was ultimate frisbee and waterfall!  How cool to share our neighborhood waterfall with the team.  They were brave!

Some special young men. 

This picture makes me happy, it shows our exhausted joy. 

I loved it.....our American family and our Honduran family together. 

Thank you CityLife.  Thank you Jim.  You are amazing, an encouraging pastor.  We love you. 


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