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Entered By: Michael Pruett
Entry Date: 2013-08-11 20:11:34
Subject: re: Friday August 09, 2013

Dearest Paula, I want to express once more what an honor it was to come and be at Hope Farms. Working on the Community Center and playing with/getting to know the children was a huge blessing to my heart (especially Eli & Fernando - what amazing young men they are!). Tell Mark it was really thoughtful on his part to get us the frappachinos - he really blesses me with his humble servant's heart! This week has been very difficult for me emotionally, as God stirred my heart so deeply with the Honduran people and the Spanish language. All those years of French I took 30 yrs. ago helped me to feel at ease trying to speak in Spanish, and I felt my heart awaken in new areas while down there. As your Pastor Tim said, "If your 'wanter' is working, that's more than half of the struggle." Even a week later, I cannot seem to get back in the hectic rythmn of life here, in spite of my 'wanter' working to do so; other things in my life I was spending energies on seem so empty and unimportant now. I sense that both my family, our Youth group and City Life are about to enter a pivotal season, and I believe our trip to Honduras, and how we handle what God imparted to us while there plays an intetgal part in its success. (Almost like we were given a glass vial of precious oil, and must not misuse it). Please pray for us/me to yield fully to the working of the Holy Spirit in our personal and corporate lives. In the same way we play a part in what happens in Honduras, you guys play a part in what happens here.
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