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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-08-12 16:13:34
Subject: Something that blessed me

On Fridays (when we can) we go to the local school in our neighborhood and help the teachers however is needed.  That usually involves PE for all 6 grades and Math instruction.  When there are enough of us, English gets taught.  Friday came while our home church CityLife was here.  Some of the group went with us to the school, some stayed to finish up work in the community center.

Eric Liggett joined John to do PE for 1st - 6th grade.  They also took on the entire school in a soccer game.  Needless to say they were worn out by the end of the morning. Thank you Eric, John, Timothy, and Eduardo.  Your energy was a blessing to the teachers and the children. 

Jim Pack, our missions pastor came also.  He chased little kids the entire time.  Giggles and screams everywhere.  He picked out beautiful little Dydi, our neighbor, and made friends. 


A special young lady with a huge heart for missions, Tori Beth Pilcher, bravely said that she would help however was needed, and would love to teach English.  So........the English teacher obliged (the English teacher who speaks very little English- mainly vocabulary).  Obliged by giving her the entire 3rd grade for hmmm..... 2 hours.  And since the 3rd grade teacher wasn't there that day, Tori Beth also got to teach Math, in Spanish.  I thought she was so brave.  She did it and she did it with love and compassion.  It was beautiful.  She picked out the little girl that needed the most love and gave it. 

After school Jim wanted to stop by and buy out a pulperia.  We chose Dydi's family's pulperia.  They are our neighbors, and the father, Carlos, and son, Disney, work on the farm here.  They are precious people who value family and integrity.

I am so blessed when people come and they will just do it.  Whatever the it is.  Even when the it isn't something that they love, or isn't something that they know how to do, or isn't something that they are gifted at or experienced with.  I just love that about people serving Jesus.  They will step out of their comfort zone and do it, because it is loving Him that matters. 

So thank you Tori Beth.  Thank you Eric.  You did it (and you were good at it).  And it looked good on you.



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