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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-08-17 17:03:54
Subject: Big Reynaldo's Birthday

Still catching up!

We call him big Rey now that we have a little Rey.  He is Reynaldo and he is the child that brought my heart to Honduras.  Oh if you could see what God has done.  Honestly, if you didn't believe in God, this child's story would woo you.  God has rescued this young man with a purpose (which seems dense to type, because He has rescued all of us with purpose).  But you see it on Reynaldo.

Reynaldo celebrated his 14th birthday on July 5th. Yes, we picked that day especially for him, because he seems like a fireworks kinda guy to us.

Reynaldo loves to draw, paint, create, and listen to music.  He loves to wear hats.  Specifically funky hats.


He is our sensitive old soul.  He cares deeply for others.  He is a good brother. 

It is an honor to parent this young man.  He has had all hell come against him.  It seems to me all of it.  Hard.  Too hard.  But in it all he has been soft, teachable, honest, and brave.  Very brave.  I would come to Honduras again, and again, and again for this one. 

We love you Brave Big Reynaldo. 



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