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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2013-08-18 15:00:30
Subject: Little Reynaldo's Birthday (Bubby to his fans)

Little Rey, Rey Rey, Bubby, Bubster, Bubs, the child of many nicknames.  I think it is because he is the youngest of so many, so adored.  He just turned 3!

We have had Renaldo since he was a baby, so he has become everyone's little baby brother.  Though he proves daily that he is no longer a baby. 

Reynaldo is cuddly, loving, smart, total toddler, and in love with all of us. 

And we are totally in love with him.  What a blessing to watch him grow, learn, and mature.  He is a joy.

Even to a pre menopausal grey hairing lady!

He talks, he bosses, he hugs, he kisses, he stomps, he is precious.  Thankful that he is in our family. 



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