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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-01-20 08:38:57
Subject: Incredibly awesome God

 This morning I woke up with the truth of the Incarnation in my heart and mind.  I woke up with the gospel waiting to be grabbed.  I woke up to the truth of who He is and who I am.  Thought I would share. 

This morning I am aware of God's Incarnation.  Should be an all cap word.  I am aware of his fierce love for me.  Why do I ever doubt?  But I do.  He has redeemed me for eternity.  Oh my soul.  He is my lover, my heart, my hero, my Father, Imminent, gentle, all pwerful, full of mercy and compassion, the Alpha and Omega, and all of this in one.  How incredible.  Amazing, beyond earth and heaven.  Wow. So today I take him, I open my heart to all of Him, I open my mind to His truth and revelation.  I stand in awe.  He is immense.  I stop and breathe Him in.  Oh my Savior, I am humbled.  I take for granted his love, forgiveness, and grace.  I expect them.  I love him so.  I need the gospel.  I need the whole thing, in every pore, in all my brokeness and cracks, I need all of Him.  He fulfilled every demand and took all of the judgement that I deserve.  He exhausted God's righteous anger.  All of my sins have been forgiven and I have been given perfect righteousness.  He can not love me more than right now, He can never love me less.  (these last sentences come in part from Everyday Prayer) The knowledge of this love blows me away, I can't stop thinking on it.  I've been redeemed, bought, ransomed, adopted, loved.  My life is hidden in His.  That is the truth of who I am and of who He is.  His Spirit is in my heart - though I forget.  I can't change me, but He transforms my heart.  I pray that I keep waking up with these thoughts.  He is amazing.  

I want these thoughts and truths to be louder than any feeling or lie.  Because His grace is beyond, so sweet, so saving, so real.  Daily I have the choice of receiving or running.  Amazing.  Praise his glorious, glorious Name..........God, Son, Holy Spirit.  


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