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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-01-20 09:03:49
Subject: Truth

 A few days ago we were working with a group of Hondurans from the church Renuevo.  We were working on gutting a house.  We took a break to eat and I started talking to a young man from here in Siguat. , someone I admire.  All of the sudden I had tears and was blurting out how I feel a failure when I look at how most of our older boys are doing, the decisions that they are making.  Not all of them, but most.  Through tears and bad Spanish I voiced what I have felt for a while.......we have failed, we are not good here.  Honestly those feelings have kept me from journaling, from telling you about the bad decisions and the good ones.  But alas.  This strong young man looked at me with all earnestness and starting sharing the truth of the gospel.  I couldn't tell you how he said it all, but what he communicated to my heart was co-laboring with Christ is for Him, not for my fame or those sons.  In my life I can glorify Him, not measure my success by other's choices.  The faiures will be many, the fruit will be much, but I can't give up because at times it doesn't look nice.  My love is for My Love, not just the humans around me.  I move because of Him, not just them.  

So, thank you Sergio.  Thank you.  You again blessed me with your maturity, your depth.  The Body of Christ is a beautiful thing.  


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