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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-04-14 20:48:02
Subject: Winter Olympics

 We are huge Olympic fans, and so we could not let the Winter Olympics 2014 go unnoticed.  We were able to hook up to USTVNow and put the Olympics up on our projector.  We loved it!  Every night everyone raced to finish school work and chores so that they could watch the different winter sports. Arnold's favorite sport was Half Pipe Snowboarding, Faith loved FIgure Skating, and all were bummed that we didn't see the final game of Hockey.  

In true Hope Farm fashion everyone then proceded to recreate the games here at home.  Timothy made skis (for the mud) from sheetmetal, wood, and roller blades.  The Community Center building became the ice arena, and baseball gear served as hockey equipment.  We have one and a half pairs of roller blades, those were gold!  Timothy made medals, the kids made flags for their countries, and John found the anthems for the opening ceremony.  It was impressive.  

Eli and Eduardo were Olympians from Argentina.

John was from Germany.  

Flags were made for each country, and opening ceremonies included everyone's anthem.  

Arnold here as a speed skater from the U.S.A. 

Faith, the speed skater from Great Britian. 

Tim was team U.S.A. 


Eli, team Argentina.  You know they are such good ice hockey players.  


She made it back up!  Thanks to her trainer's help. 


Goalie Reynaldo.  

Go Team!

Hockey equipment:  PVC piping or as we call it tubo.  

Tim's game face. 


Love my kids.  All of them. 




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