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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-04-14 21:47:41
Subject: Faith's Farm Photos

 Faith is our resident photographer.  She loves nature and does a great job of capturing the beauty of Honduras.  

This is the corn field of our neighboring Mennonites.  They are lovely neighbors and incredible farmers.  So thankful that they raise dairy cows.  We buy our milk, cheeses, yogurt, and ice cream from them.  These are all items (except for milk) that we went without for a long time.  


So this is a fruit tree on our farm, some type of super sour lemon.  Super sour.  Super huge.  Don't really know what they are but they are super sour and super huge and we super use them.  Sorry for all the supers.  Honeslty I am just so thrilled that Mark showed me how to move the pictures to the journals that I am super excited.  

These are some wildflowers outside of our patio door.  I won't let anyone weedeat them up.  One day they will overtake the yard and I will be happy. 

Growing pine trees and boys on our property.  

Above the banana trees. 

Our road.  

We got dirt, we got boys, we got fun.  



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