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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-04-15 13:35:49
Subject: Hula Hoop

 When we were new here with the kiddos we were a little overwhelmed with how they did not respect our personal space.  I mean, we are huggers and sit with kids in our laps, but it still seemed a little close for us.  Then we were really overwhelmed with how that fact was not just in the home, but all over the place; in the bank line, sitting in a chuch service, etc.  

So we made up a little saying, "don't get in my hula hoop" and we used that to teach the kids about respecting personal space.  Of course in the beginning no one knew what a hula hoop was.  We got a few and it all made sense.  Now we use the saying when someone is invading our personal space.  

Everytime the kids are playing with hula hoops I remember this and how hard it was for my family to get used to this cultural difference, and how hard it was for the boys to learn to respect people's bodies and space.  Everytime I am waiting in a line here I want to say in Spanish, "Respect my hula hoop."  I think it might be one of those things that doesn't translate.  

Now some photos of happy hula hoops.  



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