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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-04-15 13:58:43
Subject: More Faith Farm Photos

 Because I am so behind on sharing photos- I am going to share more!  Photo credits for all of these go to Faith.  

We have some beautiful hydrangaes; not because we take good care of them though.  Chena, who helps me take care of the house is wonderful with plants.  I plant, she cares.  Actually, her sister and her husband own a plant nursery in our village and have a place where they sell their plants on the highway.  

This shot is off the drop-off that we have on the back of the property.  Someday I will journal about my kids being stuck back and down there overnight.  Such a beautiful country.  


An early morning foggy photo. 

Another flower from Hope Farm. 

Lots of pine trees here.  Right now they are getting very dry and the pine needles are falling everywhere.  Different seasons here, not really a spring, more like a cross between summer and fall, or better known as "The Dry Season".  

This is from a plant on the back of Hope Farm.  The leaf has powder on it, so Reynaldo showed Faith how to make a print on her skin.  

Hope Farm plantains.  

Water down below. 

A wild something at Hope Farm.  When I asked the kids what they are, they said they are the little things that grow on the wild things.  

Stay tuned for more.  Now that I have learned how to add these, you may never hear the end of me.  




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