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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-04-20 01:12:21
Subject: Las Alfrombras

 In an earlier journal I shared some of our photos from viewing the carpets or Las Alfombras in Comayagua on Good Friday.  Here are some that show a little bit of the process for the making of the sawdust carpets.  I love the creativity that God gives us humans.  Isn't it remarkable how such an Awesome Creator shares his goodness with us?  I am so in love with Him.  

The fine sawdust is colored, and sprinkied out to decorate.  

Cardboard is used to cut out the stencils for the design.  


I love this photo.  

Here you can see the feed sacks that the sawdust is stored in.  Most of the work of the making of the carpet begins the evening before the event.  

As the carpets are made and displayed the owners are spraying water to keep the sawdust from blowing away.  Not that there is much of a breeze in Comayagua!

Just beautiful.  


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