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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-06-14 22:17:48
Subject: The Kiddos and not so Kiddos of Hope Farm

 Sometimes people ask us for a photo of each child and their name.  I am going to put this on our website, and ask that you please do not share or post any of these on any social media.  I am not going to.  

The lovely Daniela.  Daniela is 11.   Daniela is now in 3rd grade and reading everything. 

Ever the fun one, Carlitos.  Carlitos is 10.  Always a smile on this guy.  

Long haired Cindy.  Cindy is 7.  Cindy likes flowers, stickers, and playgrounds.  

Our youngest, Reynaldo.  Bubby to his ever growing fan club.  Reynaldo is 3.  

Misael is 5 and full of sillies.  Misael loves his teacher, has no front teeth, and generally has a bonk on his head.  

Walter, not so much a kid.  But, a kid to us.  Walter continues on the in the Air Force here in Honduras.  Everybody loves Walter.  

Arnold, 13 years old.  Smart, super smart, fun, super fun, Arnold.  

Eli.  Eli is 14 years old, the man in charge, wears a size 10 shoe, and reads in two languages.  

Our beautiful Faith, 16 years old, the photographer, the school genius, and NOT GOING AWAY TO SCHOOL FOR AT LEAST 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!

Reynaldo!  Reynaldo is 14, thoughtful, loves outdoors, and can be trusted with a weedeater.  

Timothy turns 13 in June.  He enjoys outdoors, boy scouts, pine cone wars, and brown shirts.  

John, hard to get a photo of this guy alone.  John is 18, goes off to school in Texas in August, and still wants to be a doctor.  Can't say anymore, tears will come. 

Ok, so officially Hannah is in Texas, but still.  Hannah is 20, studying Asian Studies and  International Relations at UT.  She is our beautiful first daughter.  


Yes, we have more boys that we consider ours that no longer live with us.  Boys that have chosen to live with other family members, pursue life in other places, and still have a place in our hearts and home.  Those young men are Fernando, Rolman, David, and Christian.  And of course there is our Gerardo, living eternity.  


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