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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-07-13 22:17:06
Subject: Walter visit

 Everybody loves for Walter, our oldest, to visit.  Right now he is in class in Tegucigalpa, at the Air Force Base there.  These are classes that will lead to his next promotion in the Honduran Air Force.  With being in class in Teguc. he is able to visit more often.  

This weekend he was able to see that the coffee that he had purchased and had planted is growing and bearing coffee beans!  He knows that we have not been able to have someone working on it full-time, and with recent cut backs at Hope Farm, it is just not all getting done.  He knows of a friend in the area that is looking for work.  This is a friend that grew up with him at the home Emmanuel. So today the friend came to meet us and see the coffee.  Walter hired him to work for a month, getting the coffee cleaned up, sprayed, and cared for.  Walter will pay him for a month of work.  Isn't that a blessing?  

Not only does Walter know that the coffee needs care, but he knows that a young man needs a job.  

I always love being able to talk to Walter, learn from him more things about Honduras and the culture here, and to hear what is going on in his heart.  I always come away thankful; thankful that God cares for his children, thankful that God can transform, heal, and restore dreams.  I am thankful that this young man of God cares for his family, his friends, and his country.  





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