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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-07-13 22:51:28
Subject: Recent goings ons

Sometimes I have so much to share I just don't.  Sometimes I have so much to share it all sounds like blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. To combat both I will bullet point (which we all know is not something I do well).  Hmmmmm.......that reminds me of the time that they found bullets in our luggage at the airport in London; but that is another journal.  

 * I recently was able to participate and learn from a great teacher training with the teachers at Jardin de Gracia.  It was called Great Expectations and is a model used in many schools across the United States; brought to us by teachers from schools in Oklahoma.   I was just thrilled to learn.  I pray that this is something that will be a blessing to our tutoring days, to the teachers of our local public school, and to the teachers at Jardin.  I was blessed to deepen some relationships there with the Jardin teachers and look forward to future opportunities to grow with them.  Lord Jesus come and pour out your mercy and goodness on our schools! 

And oh yeah, it was at the beach.  Beautiful!


* Mark just bought excellent cocoa beans from a farmer in Honduras.  We are excited to taste test this new batch.  These beans proved to be dried just as they should be and are of a higher quality.  He found this farmer through TechnoServe.  Also on that front, his chocolate goodies continue to sell quickly at the local Mennonite ice cream/baked goods/book store.  Thankful.  


*  Barbara Lee Cogdill, Matthew Buchholz, and Josh Gibbs visited from CityLife Church.  It was a pleasure to have Barbara Lee with us for a good visit.  She spent her days reading to the kids, working with the kids, and learning more about Honduras.  Matthew and Josh helped to put on movie night for the kids and youth in the community.  We were able to show a movie one night, talk about truths from the movie the next night and serve hot dogs.  Over 70 kids showed up!  This is something that will continue on a monthly basis.  This month, July, will be The Chronicles of Narnia.


* School for the most part is out for the summer, for most of us.  Eli and Tony are continueing on a few mornings a week with Glenda at the helm.  Daniela, Cindy, and Misael are still in school, but on vacation this next week.  

* Tutoring continues to have about 20 children on Mondays and Tuesdays.  We have added a few new students, and one student is doing so well in her classes at the school that she is now helping us.  Overjoyed that a few young ladies from a neighboring community are coming over to help us also.  They are dear Honduran girls that want to bless their neighbors.  

* John is cleaning out his closet and thinking about what he will take to the US.  August 9th he leaves for college.  He is getting in all the Hope Farm kid time that he can.  Coming up before he leaves, Hope Farm Summer Olympics.  

And that is a little bit of the stuffs of Hope Farm. 



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