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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-08-01 12:11:14
Subject: Hope Farm Olympics a la John

 As Mark said in an earlier journal, we have been doing the Olympics down here at Hope Farm.  John wanted to organize and officiate an Olympic games for Hope Farm, complete with commercials, medals, flags, events, hurdles, floor exercise, and fun.  Oh my soul, how I ache - and I didn't even do the swimming competition in the laguna or weighlifting.  What a blast I had with the kids.  

My country was Djibouti, my teammates Jake Foster, and Jenny, with Mark stepping in for some events. Jake picked our country, a country in the Horn of Africa.  I think our name took us to the gold many times, and giving us the highest overall medal count.   You can imagine how fun it is to cheer for Djibouti- use your imagination with the pronunciation.  

Opening ceremonies began with a reenactment of the history of Villa Alica as interpreted by John.  This was in keeping the with opening ceremonies of the London games, which showcased the changing of the times in London.  You had to be here to get it.  Pictures nor video could do it justice. Let's just say that Don Gollo and the Mennonites will forever have a place in Villa Alicia history.  The play ended with the lighting of the olympic rings and the torch.  Such drama.  I laughed.  I cried.  Mostly cried.  My son is leaving soon. Bare with me.  Retype - he has gone! 

John invited others to join in with us, so we had a mix of Honduran kids from our neighborhood, and missionary youth; along with our family. 

I will journal these Olympic games in a series so as to keep you on the edge of your seat. 

Go team Djibouti- its so much more fun when you yell that. 

And when I find the photos I will show you more.  Sorry.  







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