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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2014-08-13 11:57:35
Subject: UK Milk Chocolate

Several months ago I had the pleasure of tasting some milk chocolate from the UK. It was so smooth, sweet and silky that I was glad it was just a small portion. I would have kept eating that stuff all day.

So, just for grins sake I decided I would try to replicate that flavor. I call it "light milk chocolate". I also call it chocolate flavored crack, for its addictive, insulin response qualities. I think I got pretty close. It involved a bit more cocoa butter and powdered milk than usual. Honestly, milk chocolate, despite being the lower priced variety at the grocery store, is more expensive to make than dark chocolate. Powdered milk and cocoa butter are a bit more pricey than smushed up cacao beans, at least in Honduras. Below is a photo of some of the current stock.


Chocolate variety

On the left you have a dark chocolate, which is altogether sour, bitter and fruity. This is the true flavor of Honduran cacao, and it's quite unlike what you find at the supermarket.

In the middle is a previous batch of milk chocolate, the coloring is probably closer to a Hershey bar than either of the others, though I suspect Hershey does some  "dutching". "Dutched" chocolate has an alkaline added to reduce the acid. This drives some of off the acidic bitterness, but it also neutralizes a lot of chocolate flavor. While dutching does reduce bitterness, it also darkens the color of chocolate, which to me is counterintuitive.

On the right, you have two stacks of light milk chocolate, coming to an ice cream parlor near us.

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