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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2014-08-25 14:35:54
Subject: Thankful

I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports us in any way, truly. I don't expect anyone to blow smoke up our tails and I know everyone in the world has their own struggles. I am not even talking about financial support. Just a kind, supportive word means a lot to us. Not everyone believes in what we do, which sometimes has me questioning myself. 

So when people tell us they are thankful for what we do here, I am genuinely surprised, even uncomfortable, not knowing how to respond. In a way I want to say that given the opportunity, and the calling, anyone would do it.

We are not here for the glamor and glory, not even the fame and fortune . We came here because we wanted something different for our children. We wanted to serve, and to help. We knocked and the Lord opened the door, within 24 hours, an incredible story in itself. To do what we do here, in the USA, would require a lot more funding, and staffing. That is not why we moved here, but there is a government system to deal with abused, unwanted children in the USA. Here, there are holding cells. Literally, if your parents abuse you here and it gets reported, they remove you from your home and lock you up in a detention center until you are an adult.

Most of you have heard or read the backgrounds on the children we care for. The short story is that they have been abused, and neglected in every way you can imagine. They were rejected by their parents, typically a single mother. They were abused by other orphanages and foster homes. They were rejected by the more well funded homes, because they were seen as lost causes. We consider them our children.

I am not complaining about the support we receive. I am grateful. Still, if our donations completely dried up, nobody encouraged us, and we had to cut back a bit to survive on my income alone, we would not leave. This is our home. This is our family.

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