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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-09-14 15:41:57
Subject: Stuff going on

 Hi friends and readers, 

Lots of stuff going on at Hope Farm right now, lots of stuff that is other people's stories, so not a whole lot that we can share.   You can pray for Mark, the kids here, and I to have wisdom, grace, mercy, and patience as we navigate some new seasons.  We are full of hope and peace right now.  

One specific I can share, we no longer have helpers in either house. Meaning we are doing all the laundry, sweeping, cooking, etc.  You can imagine how all of that fits into a regular school day!  So we are going to consider having someone just come and clean 3 times a week, not how it is normally done here.  You have to imagine all dirt roads to your house and about 20 pairs of feet to get the reason why you sometimes sweep and mop 3 times a day.  So some new chore charts will be made, jobs will be dividy up, and all will pitch in at a new level.  We can do it! 

Last weekend Walter had his friends stay with us for the weekend, to celebrate their promotion to 1st Sergeant in the Air Force here.  They asked to come so that we could make them good food.  This weekend we have Rolman's girlfriend and their daughter, and Christian.  Weekends are turning into big food.  I am thankful that everyone pitches in.  

More breaking news on the Hope Farm homefront - we had to buy a washer.  Ours had probably been repaired more than 10 times.  Mark was able to find a refurbished used washer that doesn't leak, isn't smoking, and the water drains.  This is a good thing!  



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