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Entered By: Paula
Entry Date: 2014-10-02 09:36:04
Subject: David

 Sometimes it is hard to keep you current.    Some of the stuff that goes on is our life and our story, but it involves other's lives and stories.  I am cautious of saying too much (you might be laughing).   So this update is a little late in the announcement, but we share it with joy and anticipation.  

When I (Paula) was in the states with Hannah and John, David, one of our oldest young men, contacted Mark and asked for work.  Several years ago David left Hope Farm to pursue a relationship and to live with his father in Comayagua.  Things fell apart on that end, but David kept on working, and developed a relationship with a young lady.  They had a child together, and they lived off and on with her family and alone.  Recently they came to terms with some things and wanted to pursue a marriage, a healthy home for their family, and a break with some old things.  Due to some oddball complications, the civil marriage and papers will have to wait until David turns 21, but they wanted to be married by a pastor, and Jim Pack was here.  David has known Jim longer than our pastor here.  

So with great joy we present David and Alicia Santos, and their precious little boy, Isaac.  They were married on Tuesday, September 23rd. in the Hope Farm Community Center, with Jim Pack doing the honors.   


Alicia's family from La Villa de San Antonio were able to come to share in the joy. 

Jim Pack with the happy couple. 

Happy moments and much love.  We are thankful that David and Alicia blessed  us by coming and sharing with us.   

We pray that their relationship will be rooted in Him. 


And we pray that their love will deepen. 

Alicia's sister was able to come and help Alicia get ready for the big day. 



David's sister and her beautiful little girl were able to come.  What a joy to see them.  Someone we have prayed over for years.  I cried. 

Da Boyz. 


More photos to come!  




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