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Entered By: Mark
Entry Date: 2006-05-27 22:16:30
Subject: APUFRAM

Today we visited a mission near Comayagua. Our initial interest was to ascertain their relationship to IHNFA in this country. IHNFA is basically the governing body whose interest is in the children of this country. They intervene when there is evidence of abuse or neglect. If you are a foster home, they provide financial support. We are no longer classified as a foster home but an orphanage. Therefore, in the eyes of IHNFA, we have generous donors (such as you) back in the industrialized world and do not provide financial support. However, they do have many rules and regulations, not just for the safety of children, but also in saying whom you must take into your home and care for. In other words, if IHNFA came with a child having special needs that you were not equipped to take care of, you'd be hard pressed to decline. Our interest in the mission (APUFRAM) was that they are not mandated by IHNFA. They are a private institution and can make decisions concerning who they will take care of. For that matter, APUFRAM actively seeks out people to minister to. They go to remote villages, speak to church leaders and determine who might best be helped by their mission. APUFRAM not only cares for children (boys and girls), but they also take in single mothers, teach them to read, teach them a trade and require them to help at the mission. Meanwhile, APUFRAM feeds, houses and teaches their children. What an awesome calling! APUFRAM is a Franciscan outreach. Franciscans are an interesting part of the church with a huge burden for the poor. What really spoke to me was their vision. What they want is to equip the poor to not only be able to care for themselves, but to help others in similar situations. They bring in not just children, but poor families. This has been on my heart since I was nine years old. This is still our goal here, but we are not going to forget the roots of this ministry; helping foster children. In my mind, I see the children here as an opportunity for missionaries and poor families to minister to.
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